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​BOX HOCKEY Game, Pure Hockey games


Q.  Does the game box come with a bottom? 
A.  Yes, the game has a removable playing surface which is made from a sheet of high density polyethylene, the same material as used for synthetic ice. 

Q.  What all is included with the game? 
A.  What you receive is the complete game box, the bottom playing surface, 2 T-6 aluminum alloy hockey sticks, 2 nets, and 1 puck. 

Q.  Is there very much assembly? How long does it take to put together?
A.  There is very little assembly required and no tools are required.  All pieces snap fit together and the bottom surface is held with Velcro attachments.  It should take about 10-20 minutes to set up the first time and  it's recommended to have 2 people although one person can do it rather easily.  Instructions and game rules are included. 

Q.  How do I order a game? 
A.  You can order on-line via our PURCHASE GAME page on a "secured form" or you can call direct at  (877) 99-HOCKEY. 
Should you not reach a live attendant, leave the number of games you would like to order, your name, VISA/MC #, expiration date, name as it appears on the card, shipping address, and whether it is being shipped to a business or residence.  You will receive your order within 7 days. 

Q.  What if I need any extra sticks or parts? 
A.  The game was designed to be virtually indestructible under normal play.   Should anything break or you just want to order extra sticks you can order them on the same page as mentioned above or call us. 

Q.  How is the game as far as a training aid? 
A.  EXCELLENT!  Many training facilities are using it for stick handling training and overall conditioning.  It has been recommended by several professional trainers and instructors. 

Q.  We run a camp.  Is this something that would work well with what we do? 
A.  Yes, Most Definitely!  Whether you run a Hockey Training Camp or a typical Kid's Camp,  the game will be an excellent addition to your existing activities.  

Guaranteed that the kids will love it!