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Box Hockey international, Inc. Box Hockey Game


     My desire, intention and hope, is that the sales of BOX HOCKEY will grow to a level whereby the success of Box Hockey International will allow for the founding of an  institution to provide disadvantaged children with education, care and support.  The trust would be set up to provide an excellent & free education, free food, free clothing, free housing, free medical & dental, a clean, healthy & positive environment to grow up in and a well rounded program of influence, education and support that will allow these children to go out on their own with solid life skills and of a high standard of character and prepare them to lead and live meaningful productive lives and be outstanding examples in our society.  It will also create a support system for the families. 

​     I can imagine that may sound lofty, however, I  know first hand what that is like and know that it can be achieved.  Coming from a disadvantaged set of circumstances, myself, at age 5 after my father died, I found myself in an orphanage -boarding school known as the Milton Hershey School for Boys in Hershey, Pennsylvania. 

     This wonderful institution was founded by Mr. Hershey and his wife Catherine, of Hershey's Chocolate in 1909.  Through the years it has provided a solid home life and education for thousands of children like myself and remains the largest and best of its kind taking care of approximately 1,800 boys and girls each year.  All free for the children and families because of the trust that Mr. Hershey established.

     If you know of a family that is struggling and could benefit by such a wonderful program and environment; please pass this information on to them as the school has been providing this care and education for over 100 years and not a lot of people are even aware that it exists. 


For  more information on the Milton Hershey School; go to http://www.mhs-pa.org/


     Growing up through the school, the gift that Milton Hershey provided me and all of these other children made a lifetime impression on me.  It is with that same passion that I have my vision; to follow the path of success and philanthropy that Mr. Hershey laid out and give back in the same way by building a school modeled after the Milton Hershey School.  


​     A dream built on developing one's self, creating success and the spirit of then giving back with the desire to build up the children of our country and help them develop into being the best that they can be.  I see it then being a model to follow for other communities of every state.  With enough support it can become a franchise of goodwill so to speak.


     Like I said, it's a tremendously huge dream, goal & endeavor, however, Mr. Hershey did it and there are others that have created similar institutions on smaller scales.  There's no reason that I won't be able to make this happen also.  I believe too strongly.

     Thank you for taking the time to read this.   I hope that in my sharing this with you, that it resonates with you and gives you a better understanding and background of me, my company and what I'm About.


BOX HOCKEY INTERNATIONAL, Inc. box hockey game

My name is Andy Brody.  Originally from Florida, I grew up in Hershey, Pennsylvania at the Milton Hershey School.  I played pick-up hockey and street hockey with my friends as I grew up, but never had the experience that I could call myself a "hockey player".  Most of my hockey experience has come from what I've observed while developing my BOX HOCKEY over the years. ( box hockey )

BOX HOCKEY is a game which serves the "Hockey World"  as a vigorous and intense  "On-ice" (as well as) "Off-ice"  hockey training tool  and also serves  the "Family/Kid - Recreation World" in providing a game/activity that is incredibly fun for the whole family, every age group and also has been a fantastic fitness activity for schools in their phys. ed. classes, as well as, a fun activity for Boys & Girls clubs, Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts and all sorts of other after-school programs and camps.

I started Box Hockey International in 1994 to serve two goals.  

The first goal is to bring to market my game for the masses to enjoy - it really is an incredibly fun game, sport, recreational activity - or however you would like to define it;....      


The second goal is to take the proceeds and profits and establish a foundation and institution to help disadvantaged children.

​In developing BOX HOCKEY to its fullest potential; I am determined to create the best quality product and game design possible while introducing the game to as many people as possible so they can experience the fun, excitement, laughter, good exercise and other positive benefits that the game offers. 

Wherever I go and set up; my Box Hockey brings good energy and creates good feelings for everyone.

My vision is to see a BOX HOCKEY game in as many places as possible; every family's home, PE classes, Hockey Camps and Summer Camps, Boys & Girls Clubs, Boy Scout & Girl Scout programs, Parks & Recreation facilities across the country and around the world. 

Basically, anywhere people meet with the spirit of having fun.

​My 2nd goal and dream  is to create a school for children that come from less than fortunate circumstances.  It's a tremendously huge endeavor, however, it's been in my heart and mind for over 30 years  to see it through and I firmly believe that the success of my BOX HOCKEY project and Box Hockey International  will generate enough revenue and support to fund this dream.